Warehouse and Distribution in Montreal
Warehouse and Distribution

Sameday Express provides a state of the art warehouse facilities for all your storage requirements.

We monitor our stock records very closely by using bar coding system,instantly providing accurate stock status reports to help our customers maintain full control of their goods. Our stock records also have the ability to interface with our customers’ stock databases, providing real-time information on all goods that are stored within our warehouse storage facilities.

We ensure safety for the stocks and customers can use our storage for short, medium and long term needs. Our priority is to ensure dynamic, direct and specific order picking processes. Sameday Express warehouse pallet storage services includes the re-packing, re-palletising, preparation and bar coding of items, in preparation for the dispatch and distribution process.

We offer a pick and pack service also to meet the most precise of needs. Our warehouse is equipped with state of the art security system and 24 hours monitoring to ensure your goods remain secure. We offer you the best customer service because our experienced staffs understand the need of your business and we care for your stock as if it’s our own.